Haefely PIM 155 Oscillating Magnetic Field Module, 100 kHz & 1MHz for IEC 61000-4-10

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Equipment used in high voltage environments that are often subject to some of the following standards: IEC 61000-4-10, SS 486 Part 4 : 10 : 2001, and others, testing the immunity of devices placed within the high voltage area. The design of the PIM-155 Oscillating Wave Module includes quality high voltage connections to ensure safe operation for testing of Impulse voltages and AC. IEC 61000, EN 61000, and ANSI standards are supported with the Haefely PIM155 programming platform. The optional WinFEAT&R control and reporting software package makes set-up and operation resources easily transferrable to a PC. Each rental unit includes a current probe that measures the inductive coil currents with high accuracy.
  • International Standards Application- ANSI, EN 61000, IEC 61000, SS 485 Part 4:10:2001
  • Safety- The high voltage section is interlocked and the output connections are designed for safe operation
  • Reporting- The PIM 155 can be further optimized with the Win software package, but generates standard test reports with ease out of the box