Haefely PIM 150 Oscillating Wave Module for IEC 61000-4-12 & ANSI C37.90.1

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IEC 61000-4-18 and ANSI C37.90 describe an oscillating wave generator with defined open circuit waveforms parameters. The oscillating wave, also called a “damped sine” is used to test the immunity of electronic relays and relay systems mounted in an electrical substation or similar harsh environment. IEC product standards such as IEC 60255 include this wave shape too. Safety is paramount when AC and impulse voltages are being used.

The PIM 150 High Voltage connections are all designed so no accidental contact can occur. In addition, the CDN input and output terminals use touch-proof connectors. PIM 150 contains an integrated Coupling/Decoupling Network (CDs) for superimposition of the impulse on AC and DC power lines. The integrated CDN is specially designed to ensure wave shape integrity at the test system output. PIM 150 maintains wave shape AND amplitude, even with multiple coupling paths selected.

Haefely PIM 150 with the PSURGE 8000 Surge Platform can perform all the programming functions required to perform IEC and ANSI testing without the need of a control computer. Voltage monitor circuits enable quick and easy verification of the impulse shape and amplitude. In addition, peak measurement circuits are used to help determine EUT PASS/FAIL criterion. The integration in the WinFEAT&R control and reporting software package enhances an efficient set-up and operation of this test system. Most importantly, the test load can be transferred to a computer freeing valuable resources.