Haefely Hipotronics 120HVT-DI 120kV AC Digital Hipot Tester

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The Haefely Hipotronics 120HVT-DI 120kV AC Digital Hipot Tester
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Hipotronics 120 HVT-DI
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120 HVT-DI Datasheet
The Haefely Hipotronics 120HVT-DI 120kV AC Digital Hipot Tester is a hipot measurement device featuring a digital interface, 120 kV of AC power and a metering accuracy of ± 2% full scale. Haefely Hipotronics 120 HVT-DI devices are ideal test solutions to the field testing of breakers, vacuum interrupters, switchgear, bucket trucks, aerial platforms and more electrical apparatuses. Designed specifically to fulfill ANSI/SIA A92.2 requirements, Haefely Hipotronics 120 HVT-DI models are essential to technicians seeking to test insulation booms on bucket trucks and work platforms. Rather than simply perform AC dielectric tests, these hipot testers assure accurate voltage and current is measured via the included voltage divider and triple-range current meter in the return leg of the voltage transformer. Guard circuits stymie stray and surface leakage from interfering in measurement, and to ensure safe operation, Haefely Hipotronics 120 HVT-DI models have fast acting circuit breakers, zero start interlock and provision for an external interlock.
Hipotronics 120 HVT-DI Features
  • Fulfills ANSI/SIA A92.2 test standard, ideal for field testing applications
  • Single-end, grounded, high voltage test transformer
  • 120kV AC Hipot device with digital control option
  • Compact and portable hand cart design
  • Environment-friendly FR3 transformer oil
  • Zero-start interlock
  • Guard and return separate
  • Metering accuracy at ± 2%, full scale
  • High voltage division capabilities
  • Triple range voltage and current meters
  • Fast-acting overload circuit breaker
  • External interlock provision
Hipotronics 120 HVT-DI Applications
  • Switchgear
  • Vacuum bottles
  • Aerial platform
  • Hot sticks
  • Bucket truck
  • Ropes
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Vacuum interrupters
  • Gloves