Hipotronics HD103 Hipot Insulation Tester

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Hipotronics HD103 Hipot Insulation Tester
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Hipotronics HD103
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HD103 Datasheet Specifications
Hipot Insulation Tester
Hipotronics HD103 Specs
Output Voltage 0 - 2.5 kV AC; 0 - 3.0 kV DC
Voltmeter Range 0-0.6/1.2/3.0 kV
Overload Sensitivity Adjustable from 0.5mA to 5.5mA
Output Current Meter Range 0-5 mA ac, 0-50/500/5000 µA dc
Terminations High voltage lead - 5 ft. long shielded high voltage test lead of RG58/U with alligator clip. Ground lead - 5 ft. long insulated test lead with alligator clip
Net Weight 46 lb (21 kg)