Phenix PM5A Hipot/Megohmmeter 5000 V

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Phenix PM5A Hipot/Megohmmeter
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Phenix Technologies PM5A
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PM5A Datasheet
The PM5A as a multifunction insulation hipot/Megohmmeter. This unit can be operated as a conventional Megohmmeter/Hipot or in automatic modes to perform a Dielectric Absorption Ratio Test, Polarization Index (PI) Test or Step Voltage Test. The test set provides up to 5kVDC and performs all necessary calculations to accurately determine the results. Test results can be viewed on the LCD Display or printed out via the built in printer.
Phenix Technologies PM5A Features
  • Battery Powered Operation
  • Automatic operation with microprocessor control
  • Guard circuit for stray leakage current bypass
  • User selectable output voltage in 1 V steps (50-5000 V)
  • Large easy to read LCD Screen Display
  • 10 ft. (3 meter) output leads
  • Audible Safety Warning
  • Built-in Printer
  • Integrated cable storage in lid
  • Light weight, portable and enclosed in rugged, high density polyethylene carrying case
Phenix Technologies PM5A Specs
Input: 100 VAC, 1.0 A to 240 VAC, 0.5A, 50/60 Hz or Internal Battery Power
Metering: LCD Screen
Voltage: 4 ranges, 500/1000/2500/5000 VDC
Current 5 ranges, 2000/200/20/2/0.2 μA (auto ranging)
Voltage: ±1% of Reading, >5% of Range
Current: ±1% of Reading, >5% of Range
Input Cable: 7’ (2m), 3 wire, removable
Output Cables: 3 cables, each 10’ (3m) long for voltage, return and ground.
Dimensions: 16.5” (419mm) W x 15.25” (388mm) D x 11.25” (286mm) H
Weight: 27 lbs.(12 kgs)