Keysight 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers

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Designed for production line and laboratory use, the Keysight 4145A (formerly Agilent Technologies) is the electronics industry's first stand-alone instrument capable of complete dc characterization of semiconductor devices and materials. It stimulates voltage and current sensitive devices, measures the resulting current and voltage responses, and displays the results in a userselectable format (graph, list, matrix or schmoo) on a built-in CRT display. An on-board programmable calculator provides real-time calculation of voltage/current dependent parameters, such as the current gain (hFE) and transconductance(gm) of transistors, which also can be displayed on the CRT. A number of powerful graphic analysis tools-marker, cursor, line function, interpolation—enhance the 4145A's basic capabilities and provide fast, accurate analysis of semiconductor devices, leading to increased production yields and improved device quality.

Four built-in stimulus/measurement units (SM Us) are the heart of the Keysight 4145A. Each SMU can be independently programmed to function as either a voltage source/current monitor or a current source/ voltage monitor. Thus, a bipolar transistor, for example, can be completely characterized in common-base, common-emitter, and common-collector configurations without changing connections- only changing the SMUs' operating modes is required. The 4145A is also equipped with two voltage sources and two voltage monitors for measurements on devices having more than four terminals, such as ICs.

The Keysight 4145A can be controlled from the front p mel, via the HP-1B (standard), or by measurement setups stored on flexible discs.

Displayed information-measurement setups, auto-sequence programs, measurement results--can be dumped directly onto an external digital printer/plotter to obtain publication quality hard copies. Also, measurement results can be sent via the HP-1B to a computer for further processing.

Keysight 4145A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers were previously manufactured by Agilent Technologies.
  • HP 4085M SWitching Matrix (does not include controller)
  • Opt. 001: 12-pin system
  • Opt. 002: 24-pin system
  • Opt. 003: 36-pin system
  • Opt. 004: Add one pin
  • Opt; 016:* 31ft- system software disc
  • Opt. 038:*51/4- system software disc

*Must order either OPT. 016 or OPT. 036