Tektronix 371B High Power Curve Tracer

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The Tektronix 371B High Power Tracer supplies you with a variety of testing options for power semiconductors with an easy-to-use front panel, digital acquisition, and display. The 371B unit provides DC parametric characterization of semiconductors including thyristors, SCRs, IGBTs, and MOSFETs. With the sweep measurement mode, the 371B unit automatically constructs a family of curves while simulating the device with low duty-cycle pulses which allows power curves to be displayed without excessive heating of the device. The High Power Tracer reaches up to 80 digitized characteristic curves which can be stored on a diskette or internal non-volatile memory. Giving users the power to compare live curves with previously stored curves to assess temperature drift or other changes in operating parameters, the Tektronix 371B High Power Curve Tracer is the ideal device for a variety of testing requirements.