Tektronix 576 Transistor Curve Tracer

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Tektronix 576 Transistor Curve Tracer
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Tektronix Test Equipment 576
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The 576 is a general purpose curve-tracer system that performs well in applications where high-current testing is required. The 576 accepts three different test fixtures: the Standard Test Fixture, 172 Programmable Test Fixture and the 176 Pulsed High Current Fixture.
Tektronix Test Equipment 576 Features
  • Tests two- and three-terminal discrete semiconductors
  • Power capability up to 220 Watts
  • Convenient scale factor readout
  • Other test fixtures for semi-automated testing and testing power devices to 1000 Watts
  • Modes/Polarity
    • Norm: AC (at line frequency); positive or negative full-wave rectified ac.
    • DC: positive or negative dc.
    • Leakage: Emitter current rather than collector current measurements. 1000X increase in vertical deflection sensitivity (1nA/div).
Tektronix Test Equipment 576 Specs
Range 15V 75V 350V 1500V
Max Continuous Peak Current 10A 2A 0.5A 0.1A
Peak Pulse Current ≥ 20A ≥ 4A ≥ 1A ≥ 0.2A