Tektronix 577 Transistor Curve Tracer

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The Tektronix 577 Transistor Curve Tracer system is a dynamic component tester that permits display of characteristic curves of many types of devices. These devices including bipolar transistors, field effect transistors, silicon-controlled rectifiers, uni-junction transistors, integrated circuits, light coupled devices, capacitors, and relays. The Tektronix 577 Transistor Curve Tracer features split-screen storage, 6.5-inch CRT, variable stored brightness, and a beam finder. A collector supply variable from 0 to 1600 volts in several operating modes, including AC.

The Tektronix 577 Transistor Curve Tracer's available current varies from 10 A (20 A pulsed) on the lowest voltage range to 40 mA (80 mA pulsed) on the highest voltage range. The collector supply power is set using a switch that changes series resistance to maintain the same peak power setting as the voltage range is changed. The collector supply is automatically disabled when the vertical display exceeds 2.5 screen dimensions, helping to protect the Tektronix 577 under test from destructive currents.