Keysight 58503B GPS Time/Frequency Receiver

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Agilent/HP 58503B GPS Time and Frequency Reference Receiver
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Keysight 58503B
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58503B Datasheet
The Keysight / Symmetricom 58503B GPS Time & Frequency Reference Receiver is a high quality source of precision time, time interval, and frequency in a lightweight compact package. The high-performance 58503B ensures excellent accuracy and reliability— the 58503B delivers precise time and frequency virtually anywhere in the world at an affordable price. When locked to the GPS signal, the Keysight 58503B provides a 10 MHz signal with an accuracy of better than 1x10–12 using a 1 day average. A 1 pulse per second (1 PPS) signal with timing jitter of <750 ps rms is provided. Time accuracy relative to GPS of 20ns (1 Sigma, typical) can be obtained once the unit is properly installed and all systematic offsets have been compensated out. If the GPS signal is interrupted, the 58503B enters an intelligent holdover mode, which ensures frequency is maintained to better than 1x10–10 per day (phase accumulation <8.6 µsec after 24 hours).
Keysight 58503B Features
  • Reduce the cost for precise time and frequency
  • Eliminate calibration through GPS technology
  • Improve reliability through Keysight quartz oscillators
GPS Receiver
  • 8-channel, parallel-tracking
  • Keysight SmartClock Enhanced GPS
  • DC power options available
GPS Antennas and Antenna Assemblies
  • Keysight 58504A GPS L1 antenna
  • Keysight 58510A environmental cover and ground plane
  • Keysight 58513A antenna assembly - integrates a stainless steel mast and ground plane with the antenna, antenna cable and environmental cover
  • Keysight 58538A/ 58539A lightning arrestors; provides protection against nearby lightning strikes.
Keysight 58503B Specs
Power Requirements
  • Standard (ac power): 90 to 132 Vac or 198 to 264 Vac, automatically selected; 50 to 60 Hz
  • Option AWQ: +19 Vdc to +59 Vdc ( >+23 Vdc required to start)
10 MHz Output Characterizations
  • Frequency Accuracy (Locked): < 1 x 10¯²² for a one day average
  • Holdover Aging (Unlocked): < 1 x 10¯²° per-day average frequency change in 24 hours of unlocked operation
  • Output Level: > 1V p-p sine wave into 50 ohms load


1 pps Output Characteristics
  • Jitter on Leading Edge (Locked): < 750ps rms
  • Time Accuracy (Locked): <110ns with respect to UTC (USNO MC) - 95% probability when unit is properly installed and calibrated
  • Accumulated Time Error (Unlocked): < 8.6 µs / accumulated in 24 hours after three days of locked operation with a fixed antenna location
  • Output Level: > 2.4V pulse into 50 ohms load
  • Pulse Width: 26 µs