Keysight RP7972A Regenerative Power System

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The Keysight RP7972A is a 100V, ±60 A, 20 kW, 400/480 VAC regenerative DC power system. Keysight RP7972A power systems are single output and bi-directional DC power supplies with built-in safety features to defend both device and personnel. The RP7972A functions in two-quadrant mode as both a power supply and a regenerative DC load. The power system emulates high power and high voltage batteries and features a programmable resistance of up to 50 Ω. Keysight RP7972A power supplies are designed to maximize performance with quick output speed and sub-millisecond command processing time, to deliver up to 200 kW of power/loading through parallel connection, and to save on cooling and electricity costs with its environment-friendly construction. Regeneration allows energy that would otherwise be consumed to be fed back into the grid in a clean and cost-effective fashion.