Chroma A620028-480 Slave Unit for the Chroma 62150H-1000S DC Power Supply

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The Chroma A620028-480 Slave Unit for the Chroma 62150H-1000 DC Power Supply is a DC power source accessory offering 480V of power and parallel power stage parameters of 1000V, 15A and 15KW. Chroma A620028-480 devices are programmable by a "master" power supply device to share the burden of output current and voltage. Slave units can be set as either an accompanying source of power to work in conjunction with a power supply providing energy, or as a back-up power supply. As a back-up, a slave unit may be set to activate and generate battery power upon the failure of a master power supply plugged in to an outlet, thus providing reliable, independent energy in case of unexpected power loss. 

Rent the Chroma A620028-480 alongside the Chroma 62150H-1000S Solar Array Simulation DC Power Supply to form a master-slave power source system ideal for telecom, industrial and battery simulation applications.