Noiseken LSS-720B Lightning Surge Simulator

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Noiseken LSS-720B Lightning Surge Simulator
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Noiseken LSS-720B
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LSS-720B Datasheet
Lightning Surge Simulator
Noiseken LSS-720B Features
  • Voltage surge test (1.2/50µs) and current surge test (8.2µs) specified under JEC-210 and 212 standard.
    (JEC: Japanese Electrotechnical Committee)
  • High voltage surge test up to 20kV or 30kV and high current surge test up to 4000A or 6000A
  • Built-in 2-state isolation transformers.
  • in 2-state isolation transformers.
Noiseken LSS-720B Specs
Voltage surge Surge waveform 1.2/50µs
Output voltage 20kV max.
Polarity Positive or negative
Output impedance 6 ohms±10%
Built-in load resistor 50 ohms ±10%
Short circuit current 3300A max
Current surge Surge waveform 8/20 µs
Polarity Positive or negative
Output impedance 5 ohms ±10%
Built-in load resistor 3K ohms ±10%
Output current 4000A max.
Surge repetition cycle Single shot
Voltage surge superimposed AC 20kV max.
DC ------
Current surge superimposed AC 4000A max.
DC ------
Power capacity AC Single phase AC240V 20A max.
DC ------
Power consumption Rated value 300VA
Peak value when charging 1.1kVA
Mesial attenuation time 0.5 second
Power supply Adjustable to local supply voltage required