Phenix HC-2 Portable High Current Test Set 0 - 70 V, 500 A

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Phenix HC-2 Portable High Current Test Set
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Phenix Technologies HC-2
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HC-2 Datasheet
The HC-2 High Current Test Set is built for field and shop use. This unit combines a variable high current output with appropriate controls and instrumentation for testing thermal, magnetic, and solid-state motor overload relays as well as molded-case circuit breakers and ground fault trip devices. The HC-2 can also be used in many other applications requiring a high current source.
Phenix Technologies HC-2 Specs
Input 120 Volts or 220 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz preset
Output 0-70 Volts at 25 amperes
0-14 Volts at 125 amperes
0-7 Volts at 250 amperes
0-3.5 Volts at 500 amperes
Overload Short duration overloads are possible on each tap. The test set is capable of up to 2000 amps, depending on the impedance of the test circuit
Duty Cycle Continuous at 100%
5 minutes ON/15 minutes OFF at 200%
1 minute ON/5 minutes OFF at 300%
30 seconds ON/5 minutes OFF at 400%
Instrumentation Current meter: 3.5 digit LCD
Ranges: 0-1.999/19.99/199.9/1999 amperes
Accuracy: ±.5%
Timer: 6 digit LCD, in cycles or seconds
Ranges: 0-999999 cycles or 0-9999.99 seconds
Accuracy: ±.1% reading