Vanguard UPS-S2 Portable AC/DC Power Supply

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Rent Vanguard UPS-S2 Portable AC/DC Power Supply
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Vanguard UPS-S2
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UPS-S2 Datasheet
The Vanguard Universal Power Supply S2 (UPS S2) is designed to meet a utility company’s substation needs for an independent AC/DC power source. The UPS S2’s AC and DC voltage sources can each supply up to 10 amperes. The variable DC power supply (10 – 300 Vdc) is ideal for use as a substitute primary power source when substation batteries are not available. The UPS S2 is best suited for operating circuit-breakers, powering substation relays, or for un-regulated charging of substation batteries. The AC power supply is a variable isolated power source (10 – 240 Vac) that can be used to power other equipment in the substation.
Vanguard UPS-S2 Features
  • All output power sources are isolated from the primary power input by an isolation transformer.
  • Voltage outputs are variable (auto-transformer) via a front panel control knob.
  • The primary power input is selectable (120Vac or 240Vac).
  • All voltage outputs are capable of supplying a 10 ampere load.