Vanguard CT-7500 S2 Circuit Breaker Analyzer

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The Vanguard CT-7500 S2 Circuit Breaker Analyzer is an easy to use, stand alone or computer-controlled, microprocessor driven EHV circuit breaker analyzer. It can operate either in Time Travel analyzer mode or in “on-line” timing mode. In Time -Travel mode, the Vanguard CT-7500 S2 can fully analyze a circuit breaker’s performance by testing the contact time, stroke, veloci ty, over travel, and contact wipe. Contact motion analysis can be performed for all circuit breaker operations (Open, Close, Open – Close, Close – Open, and Open – Close – Open). The timing window of the Vanguard CT-7500 S2 is selectable between 1 second, 10 second, or 20 second periods. The 10 second and 20 second timing windows are ideal for timing long duration events such as circuit switcher contact testing.
  • CT-7500-3 S2 (3 contact channels)
  • CT-7500-6 S2 (6 contact channels)
  • CT-7500-12 S2 (12 contact channels)