Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Test Set

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Rent Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Test Set
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Megger DDA-1600
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DDA-1600 Datasheet
The Megger DDA-1600 Circuit Breaker Test Set incorporates proven transformer design with the latest development in high-current instrumentation and control. This new design means the DDA-1600 is fully compliant with NEMA AB-4 test guidelines. This combination provides the user with a portable, economical, high-current source for primary injection testing. Model DDA-1600 provides all the controls, instrumentation and output capabilities to test low-voltage circuit breakers in a three-module configuration.
Megger DDA-1600 Features
  • Portable: Housed in a lightweight, rugged, three-piece chassis that can be carried. This reduces the need for heavy equipment to transport the test set.
  • Versatile: Designed to test a wide range of air frame and molded-case circuit breakers. Model DDA-1600 will test airframe circuit breakers rated up to 1600 amperes and molded-case circuit breakers rated up to 1200 amperes.
  • Initiating control circuit: Fully digital initiating control circuit provides both pulsed and maintained control modes of output duration.