Vanguard CT-8000 S3 Micro Ohmmeter

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The Vanguard CT-8000-S3 Micro Ohmmeter tests circuit-breaker contact resistance and detects low-resistance measurements. The device includes voltage monitoring channels, contact timing input channels, and breaker initiate features. This 200-ampere micro-ohmmeter measures resistance from 1 micro-ohm to 1,999 micro-ohms. The CT-8000 S3 has a built-in, DC power supply. The device also has a resistor detection range of 50 ¬ 5,000 Ω. Technicians have the option between different two models: the CT-8000 S3-3 and the CT-8000 S3-6. The Vanguard CT-8000 S3 Micro Ohmmeter is used to detect problems such as circuit-breaker contact erosion and both models are highly accurate and effective.