Polytec OFV-505 Vibrometer Sensor Head

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The Polytec OFV-505 Vibrometer Sensor Head is a quick and precise single-point laser vibrometer that determines vibrational velocity and displacements of structures. The OFV-505 sensor, combined with the digital OFV-5000 vibrometer controller, achieves its highest signal quality. OFV 505 is suited for dark environments and long measurement distances up to 30 meters. The Polytec OFV 505 is equipped with a visible laser spot that ensures easy alignment and focusing. The OFV 505 features autofocus and focus memory. Polytec OFV-505 autofocus can auto-sense return quality and set the focus for an optimal signal. The Polytec OFV-505 offers laser and imaging optics in stable housing.

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