Tektronix P6209 Active Probe 4 GHz

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Rent Tektronix P6209 Active Probe 4 GHz
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Tektronix Test Equipment P6209
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P6209 Datasheet
The Tektronix P6209 Active Probe 4 GHz provides a high-bandwidth, low circuit loading probing solution for the CSA/TDS8000B sampling oscilloscopes with TekProbe SMA input connection. Based on the P6249 probe design, the P6209 has similar performance and a similar small probe head for access to today’s fine-pitch SMDs and connection points.
Tektronix Test Equipment P6209 Specs
Rise Time: <120 ps
Bandwidth: 4.0 GHz
Attenuation: 5X
DC Resistance: 20 kΩ
Input Capacitance: <1 pF
Dynamic Range: ±2 V
Offset Range: ±5 V
Interface: TekProbe SMA