Tenney TH27 Temperature Humidity Cycling Test Chamber

Tenney TH27 Temperature Humidity Cycling Test Chamber
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Tenney TH27
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  • Semi hermetic refrigeration system
  • Vertical recirculation conditioning system
  • Automatic defrost for door gaskets
  • Non-corroding parts on all humidity capable units
  • Low water protection
  • Open-air low mass nichrome wire heater elements supported by ceramic insulators
  • Single stage or cascade refrigeration system
  • Vapor-Flo I humidity generator (for capable units) with bell jar configuration


  • Provides a wide range of temperature and humidity conditioning with many features for optimal tests
  • Uses environmentally friendly, CFC-free refrigerants and durable refrigeration systems
  • Hi-Lo pressure and oil pressure switches stop compressors from exceeding preset limit conditions, assuring safety of product and operator
  • Controllers feature advanced LCD display, allowing for fast and easy programming and configuration
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and models to meet specific testing needs