Espec SU-242 Temperature and Humidity Chamber

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The Espec SU-242 Temperature and Humidity Chamber combines environmental testing performance with a compact design. This instrument operates at a temperature range of -40 to +150℃ and achieves excellent performance rates throughout this range. Use the input terminal to synchronize instrumentation or command the start/stop function of the chamber according to the set program. The Espec SU-242's space is optimized with free space at the top of the chamber, tidy running cables, and storing additional tools nearby.

The Espec SU-242 Temperature and Humidity Chamber has useful features such as a back-trace function and online diagnostics service. Greater cable port selection compared to similar products give it versatility. Safe and quiet operation is the norm thanks to user-friendly features such as the automatic water refill setting and noise reduction rear side cover. These qualities make it a reliable product to have at the worksite.

The Espec SU-242 is part of the SU Series of Thermal Chambers.