TestEquity Environmental Chambers Series

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TestEquity Environmental Chambers simulate temperature or temperature and humidity, replicating environments with temperatures as low as -70°C and as high as 170°C. TestEquity Environmental Chambers come in a variety of models, including those with interior dimensions of up to 42x32x36 in and workspace volumes of up to 27 ft³. Humidity models feature a humidity range of 10% - 95% RH and input power reads at 208/230V, with chambers that operate at both 1 or 3 phase. TestEquity single-stage refrigeration systems operate with a single-stage system and one compressor to directly cool the workspace. TestEquity cascade refrigeration systems achieve workspace temperatures down to -70°C; This is required for many ruggedized industrial, automotive and military tests that require low temperatures of typically -40°C or -55°C. A cascade system uses two interdependent compressors. The high-stage compressor cools a heat-exchanger which is the condenser for the low-stage; the low-stage directly cools the workspace.

The TestEquity Environmental Chambers Series includes the following models: the TestEquity 101H, TestEquity 123H, TestEquity 123HS, TestEquity 1007H, TestEquity 1016HTestEquity 1016H-2TestEquity 1027H, and the TestEquity 1007C.