Thermotron S-1.2-8200 Thermal Chamber

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The Thermotron S-1.2-8200 Thermal Chamber provides superior performance for a wide range of applications. Engineering expertise assures optimum performance while chamber construction meets critical standards. Benchtop chambers offer the flexibility, reliability, uniformity, and control accuracy required for cost effective testing in a convenient tabletop size in temperature-only and temperature-humidity configurations. Thermotron S-1.2-8200 Thermal Chamber are also equipped with Thermotron’s exclusive Windows-based 8200+ Controller, which gives users a deeper look at what is happening to the product under test.

Thermotron S-1.2-8200 Thermal Chambers are ideal for testing products exposed to humidity extremes in their normal use environment. The electronic humidity sensor (located in the workspace) eliminates the need for maintenance-intensive thermocouple wicks and float tanks, and it provides excellent full-range humidity accuracy.