Thermotron S-1.2-8200 Thermal Chamber

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The Thermotron S-1.2-8200 Thermal Chamber provides superior performance for a wide range of applications. Engineering expertise assures optimum performance while chamber construction meets critical standards. Benchtop chambers offer the flexibility, reliability, uniformity, and control accuracy required for cost-effective testing in a convenient tabletop size in temperature-only and temperature-humidity configurations. Thermotron S-1.2-8200 is equipped with the Thermotron’s exclusive Windows-based 8200+ Controller, giving users a detailed observation of the product under test.

The Thermotron S-1.2-8200 Thermal Chamber is ideal for testing products exposed to humidity extremes in their normal use environment. The electronic humidity sensor (located in the workspace) minimizes maintenance-intensive thermocouple wicks and float tanks, providing full-range humidity accuracy. In addition to the base chamber, adding GN2/CDA and LN2 would be ideal for aerospace/PCB industry testing. Optional accessory includes the dry air purge, helping the system to maintain <1% RH.