Thermotron S-16 Temperature Test Chamber

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Thermotron S-16
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Temperature Test Chamber
Thermotron S-16 Features
  • Interior light
  • Cascade refrigeration system
  • Stainless steel access port with thermal plug
  • High-volume air circulation fan
  • Unit requires plant water or external chiller
Thermotron S-16 Specs
Temperature Range -100 to +350°F; -73.3 to +177°C
Workspace Dimensions 30" W x 30" D x 30" H
Workspace Volume 453 liters; 16 cu. ft.
Programmable temperature controller with digital displays 20" x 20"
Temp pull down from +75°F (+23°C) ambient without load 40°F (-40°C): 15 minutes
-65°F (-53.9°C): 30 minutes
-100°F (-73.3°C): 60 minutes
Temp heat-up from 75°F ambient without load +240°F (+116°C): 25 minutes
+350°F (+177°C): 55 minutes
Capacity for holding watts live load 0°F (-17.8°C): 1000 minutes
-40°F (-40°C): 700 minutes
-65°F (-53.9°C): 400 minutes
Voltage 230/208 VAC 60A
Approx. Shipping Weight 1320 lbs.