Thermotron SM-16-8200 Temperature and Humidity Chamber

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The Thermotron SM-16-8200 Temperature and Humidity Chamber utilizes hermetically sealed compressors that provide moderate temperature change rates while consuming less power than comparable chambers. A heated window provides a clear view of the test area that is illuminated by the interior work-space light. Casters provide mobility and easy move-in capabilities. The Thermotron SM-16-8200 has advanced features such as an electronic humidity sensor and product temperature control that add value and reduce test time and maintenance.

The Thermotron SM-16-8200 Temperature and Humidity Chamber features a controller which makes operation and data collection easy. All desired information is displayed clearly in the high-resolution 7-inch color touchscreen display. This unique main screen allows for the interface to be contained on a single screen to prevent confusing navigation and allowing for magnification of graphs and other data points.