Thermotron SM-8S Temperature Test Chamber

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Thermotron SM-8S Temperature Test Chamber
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Thermotron SM-8S
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SM-8S Datasheet
The Thermotron SM model chambers are designed to test temperature and/or humidity tolerances. The SM-8S has a single stage refrigeration system for cooling. The Thermotron SM-8S has eight cubic feet of work space. The chamber can be equipped with various options. Please contact your sales representative for more information on the options available.
Thermotron SM-8S Specs
Input Voltage 208VAC 3 phase
Recommended Min. Service Amperes 1 phase 40 amperes
3 phase 30 amperes
Temperature Range -20°F to +350°F
-29°C to +177°C
Humidity Range (Limited by a +40°F (+4°C) minimum dew point and a max. dry bulb of +185°F (+85°C) 20% to 95%
Humidity Water Operating at Full Capacity 0.5 GPH
1.9 LPH
Temperature Pulldown From +75°F (+24°C) -20°F (-29°C)
50 minutes
Temperature Heat Up From +75°F (+24°C) +200°F (+93°C): 18 minutes
+350°F (+177°C): 30 minutes
Capacity for Holding Watts Live Load 0°F (-18°C): 200 watts
-20°F (-29°C): 50 watts
95% R.H.: 200 watts
50% R.H.: 500 watts

The above specifications are based on 60 Hertz operation and +27°C (+80°F) ambient air. For 50 hertz operation, refrigeration and air flow performance are approximately 17% less.