VIAVI SmartOTDR 100B Handheld Fiber Tester

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The VIAVI SmartOTDR 100B Handheld Fiber Tester is easy-to-use for techs at any level. With this tester, generic or user-defined setup configurations eliminate setup errors and maintain results consistency. One-touch operation and a single results window ensure fast and easy measurements, while robust wireless connectivity options increase productivity anywhere. The VIAVI SmartOTDR 100B combines all essential fiber tests in one handheld with a visual fault locator (VFL), optical power meter (OPM), and P5000i microscope options. By upgrading easily in the field and automating testing with objective pass/fail results, the fiber tester is reliable and accurate.

The VIAVI SmartOTDR 100B stands out from other testers in its series with an RMS dynamic range of 40/40/41/41 dB, pulse widths of 3 ns to 20 µs, and an attenuation dead zone at 2.5 m. The ability to store up to 256,000 data points combined with its various USB and mini USB ports allow for significant data storage. Powered by a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, techs can expect up to 20 hours of operation, all at peak performance.

The VIAVI SmartOTDR 100B Handheld Fiber Tester is part of the VIAVI SmartOTDR Series.