Fluke OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR S1490 Kit

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The Fluke OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR S1490 Kit is a fiber troubleshooting unit with a wavelength combination of 1310, 1490 and 1550 nm, a dynamic range of up to 42 dB and new wavelengths for outside plant/FFTx/Pon testing. Fluke OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR S1490 packages include a Fluke OptiFiber Pro Series OTDR and a high dynamic range (HDR) module for outside plant applications. OptiFiber Pro HDR units are used for FFTx/PON testing through splitters, allowing operators to automatically locate 1x16, 1x32 and even nx128 splitters with a Discover function. The module features two PON test suites: Auto Pon OTDR, which automatically selects ideal settings for viewing events on OSP (outside plant) cabling, and Manual PON OTDR, a mode which allows you to select trace parameter settings and enter splitter ratios yourself. Fluke OTDRs are compliant with ISO and TIA standards.