EXFO FTB-2/Pro Platform

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The EXFO FTB-2/Pro Platform is the most compact solution on the market for multirate, multitechnology, multiservice testing, delivering all the power of a high-end platform in a conveniently sized, go-anywhere field-testing tool. Nowadays, with the complexity and extent of modern networks, technicians need more than a few tools in their belt to get the job done right the first time. They need OSAs, Ethernet multiservice modules and OTDRs with fiber inspection probes. You name it, the technician needs it. But what makes the supertech “super” is the ability to drill down effortlessly and perform all tests quickly and accurately, cutting costs and saving time. That’s the added value, and that’s one of the many advantages that the EXFO FTB-2 brings to the table. The EXFO FTB-2/Pro Platform is by far the smallest, most compact high speed multitechnology test platform out there. The FTB-2 offers the most versatility: This is your go-anywhere, test-anything platform.

Requires Module:
Model Applications
  • Access network testing
  • PON characterization and in-service troubleshooting (1x32)
  • LAN/WAN characterization
  • Private networks
  • Data-center certification and troubleshooting
  • Fronthaul/backhaul (FTTA, FTTT, remote radio heads, DAS and small cells)
  • Single-ended construction and troubleshooting solution
  • CWDM and DWDM metro Ethernet links
  • Commercial services deployments
  • Fiber deep, Remote PHY and node splitting
  • CBH antenna feeds
  • Optical transport testing
  • Ethernet performance assessment
  • Rapid diagnostic test tools
  • Advanced troubleshooting tools
  • Push data to the cloud and get connected
EXFO FTBx-8870/8880
  • Key DSn/PDH and SONET/SDH
  • EtherSAM
  • iSAM: simplified Y.1564 (EtherSAM) and RFC 6349 testing
  • Cable test with power over Ethernet (PoE)
  • FTTA Testing
  • Traffic generation and monitoring
  • RFC 6349 service activation methodology
  • Carrier Ethernet operations, administration and maintenance (OAM)
  • Performance assessment of Fibre Channel services