Fluke OptiFiber Pro 2 OTDR

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The Fluke OptiFiber Pro 2 OTDR accelerates the OTDR testing process for novices and experts alike, providing users with automated trace analysis and setup supports applications including data centers, PON, and outside plant. Fluke OptiFiber Pro 2 OTDRs operate over multiple wavelengths (850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, and 1625 nm) and support LAN, data centers, PON, FTTx, and outside plant applications. An automated setup senses fiber characteristics and sets measurement parameters. Advanced features include Manual Expert mode, pinch, and zoom for in-depth trace analysis and SmartLoop for bi-directional testing. 

The OptiFiber Pro 2 also supports Versiv copper and fiber loss certification modules. Many OTDRs designed for fiber troubleshooting are designed for carriers and contain cumbersome and complicated features. The OptiFiber Pro 2 OTDR family is the first class of OTDRs built with features and usability for both enterprise network engineers and cable installers working in both enterprise and OSP environments.