Yokogawa WT1806 Power Analyzer

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Yokogawa WT1806-60-D-HE/EX6/G6/DA/AUX - Digital Power High Performance Power Analyzer with USB, GPIB and ethernet interface external sensor input. Dual harmonic measurement 20-channel D-A output AUX voltage sensor input. The WT1806 is part of the Yokogawa WT1800 high performance power analyzer series.

  • EX6 - External current sensor input for WT1806
  • B5 - Built-in printer
  • G5 - Harmonic Measurement or G6 - Simltaneous Dual Harmonic Measurement
  • DT - Delta Computation
  • FQ - Add-on Frequency Measurement
  • V1 - RGB output
  • DA - 20-channel DA Outputs
  • MTR - Motor Evaluation Function or AUX - Auxiliary Sensor Inputs