Yokogawa WT1806 Power Analyzer

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The Yokogawa WT1806 Power Analyzer provides a voltage and current frequency bandwidth of 5 MHz and provides a power-factor error (0.1%). Yokogawa WT1806 units offer a direct input voltage range of 1.5 V to 1000 V (12 ranges) and a direct input current range of 10 mA to 5 A (9 ranges) or from 1 A to 50 A (6 ranges). Measurement data can be displayed on the WT1806’s single screen, along with the respective detailed setting information of 6 inputs, such as a voltage range, current range, synchronization source, wiring system, and filter. You do not need to switch display screens frequently to confirm the settings. With the Yokogawa WT1806 Power Analyzer, the data update rate can be selected from 9 options from the fastest data update rate of 50 ms to an update rate of 20 s for low-speed measurements.

The WT1806 is part of the Yokogawa WT1800 high-performance power analyzer series.

  • EX6 - External current sensor input for WT1806
  • B5 - Built-in printer
  • G5 - Harmonic Measurement or G6 - Simultaneous Dual Harmonic Measurement
  • DT - Delta Computation
  • FQ - Add-on Frequency Measurement
  • V1 - RGB output
  • DA - 20-channel DA Outputs
  • MTR - Motor Evaluation Function or AUX - Auxiliary Sensor Inputs