Allen-Bradley 2500 Dynamix 4-Ch Vibration Analyzer

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The Allen-Bradley 2500 Dynamix 4-Ch Vibration Analyzer is a portable data collector designed for condition-monitoring data collection, analysis, and root cause correction in applications with rotating equipment, such as motors, pumps, fans, and gearboxes. The Allen-Bradley 2500 data collector is a real-time, multichannel analyzer and data collector for predictive maintenance and machinery vibration diagnostics. It can measure, process, display, and store a wide range of analysis functions. It can operate as a standalone instrument or you can download your measurements to your software application for program analysis.

The Allen-Bradley 2500 supports your predictive maintenance efforts by providing key machinery vibration diagnostics. By supporting SD cards up to 16 GB, operating at a high level regularly of brightness or temperature, and featuring 128 MB internal memory, this vibration analyzer can perform many tasks with little effort.