Vibralign OneProd Falcon Vibration Analyzer

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The Vibralign OneProd Falcon Vibration Analyzer is a wireless, 4-channel vibration data collector and analyzer. A triaxial accelerometer is included with the vibration analyzer. The Vibralign OneProd Falcon performs balancing, run up coast down, frequency analysis and a wide array of other optional features and is ideal for route-based maintenance. Any user can set up the analyzer as automatic configuration and automatic diagnosis functions are built into the system. This vibration analysis device is ATEX Zone 2 certified, achieves IP65 compliance and withstands up to 1.2 meter drops. 
Model Features
VIBR-800-FLC600 204.8kHz | For beginners with limited experience using the tool
VIBR-800-FLC800 80kHz | For advanced users, includes more software and analysis capabilities