RION RIONOTE Portable Multi-Function Measuring System

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The RION RIONOTE Portable Multi-Function Measuring System is a vibration analyzer and data recorder that offers functions such as one-third octave band analysis, fast Fourier transform analysis and wave recording. The RION RIONOTE combines the latest technology with the traditional virtues of RION; quality, ease of use and economic sense. The Main Control Unit is easy and intuitive to operate with the dedicated program of your choice. Once the analysis is performed, the results are shown in clear graphs on a large color screen, in real time, or from stored data when using the recall function.
Model Features
RIONOTE 2 2-Channel Vibration Analyzer
32,768 FFT Lines, 20kHz Fmax
RIONOTE 4 4-Channel Vibration Analyzer
16,384 FFT Lines, 20kHz Fmax
Triaxal Accelerometer Included