Amplifier Research FL7030 Electric Field Probe, 5 kHz - 30 MHz

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The Amplifier Research FL7030 Electric Field Laser Powered Probe is a smart, fast, extremely accurate electric field probe that contains an internal microprocessor to provide linearization, temperature compensation, control, and communication functions. Noise reduction and temperature compensation allow the AR FL7030 to perform accurate measurements down to 1.5 V/m without zero adjustment. When rotated about its ortho angle mount, the probe provides isotropic response of ±0.5 dB over its specified frequency range.

The AR FL7030 is laser powered to allow for continuous operation without recharging or battery replacement. This probe requires an FI7000 for power and communication. FM7004A is recommended for local monitoring and control. Correction factors are provided with the probe. These factors can be loaded into the Model FM7004A Field Monitor (sold separately) to automatically correct the probe readings at user-specified frequencies. When correction factors are applied, the true accuracy of the probe can be realized.

The AR FL7030 communicates and is powered through glass fiber optic cables, up to 100 meters long, to the FI7000 interface. X, Y, Z, and isotropic readings can be returned through an FI7000 in 20 msec. The AR FL7030 extends the range of Amplifier Research laser powered E –field probes down to 5 kHz. It offers an extended post– detection response-smoothing time constant to provide more consistent readings for carrier frequencies down to 5 kHz.