Amrel SPS 60-20 DC Switching Power Supply 60 V, 20 A

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Rent Amrel SPS 60-20 DC Switching Power Supply 60 V, 20 A
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Amrel SPS 60-20
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The Amrel SPS 60-20 DC Switching Power Supply 60 V, 20 A assists in the development and testing of new products, as well as being a recommended standard instrument for automatic test systems. The wide range of output selection combined with excellent load/line regulation provides an essential instrument to a lab environment. This instrument provides lownoise, precisely regulated variable DC output at 1200W of output power. Over Voltage Protection (OV) and Over Current Protection (OC) are standard. Front panel controls and indicators are extensive with dual encoders, front panel on/off control, voltage setting, current setting, OV and OC preview as well as led indicators for fault conditions and CV/CC operating mode. For rack and stack applications, the front, and side ventilation provides increased heat dissipation to handle severe ambient conditions.
Amrel SPS 60-20 Features
  • Automatic mode crossover to constant current or constant voltage mode.
  • Dual encoders, front panel on/off key, front panel indicators & simultaneous V/I Display for real-time control & monitoring, and to program & preview Iset, Vset, Over-current (OC), and Over-voltage (OV).
  • Remote programming control with standardized SCPI commands, VLIST (voltage) and ILIST (current) stepping modes for advanced and integrated ATE Testing.
  • 16 bit DAC/ADC design for high resolution and accuracy for standalone or burn-in testing without the need for external measuring equipment.
  • Convenient and robust automated testing - Four Step profiles; 20 step points for each profile.
  • Electronic Closed-case calibration l minimize down-time, reduce maintenance costs, & elevate Return on Investment (ROI).
  • CV/CC, OV/OC, Encoder Status and Fault LED indicators for real-time and user-friendly monitoring.
Amrel SPS 60-20 Specs
AC Line Input: 120VAC ±10%
240VAC ±10%
Line Frequency: 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: 60VDC (MAX.)
Output Current: 20ADC (MAX.)
Output Power: 1,200 Watts (MAX.)