Amrel SPS40-250 Switching DC Power Supply

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Amrel SPS40-250 Switching DC Power Supply
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Amrel SPS40-250
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SPS40-250 Datasheet
The Amrel SPS40-250 Switching DC Power Supply is a programmable switch-mode power supply with the power to produce a maximum of 40V of output voltage and 250A of output current, its maximum output power measuring at 3000A. This power source possesses a power density of up to 15kW in a 3U chassis and 30 kW in a 6U chassis. The quick load transient response offers protection for the device from unwanted voltage excursions and a fast slew rate makes for minimal rise/fall times when powering devices for speed-critical applications. Perfect for sensitive applications, the Amrel SPS40-250 Switching DC Power Supply performs effortlessly while sustaining low RMS and P-P Noise. Amrel SPS40-250 models also provide precision accuracy in their voltage and current measurements without an external digital multimeter.
Amrel SPS40-250 Features
  • Two Modes in One: Automatic constant voltage and constant current mode crossover
  • Protection Against Hazardous Faults: Remote Shutdown (S/D) and Interlock provide various external output shutdown capability – in case of hazardous faults
  • Advanced External Analog Programming: Increased control and convenience in external programming applications achieved through various external voltage current and control methods
  • Protection Against Voltage Drops: Remote Sense corrects for errors from line voltage drops
  • Sophisticated Power Conversion Technology: State-of-the-art FET-based high frequency switching technology provides accuracy, exceptional load transient response & low noise
Amrel SPS40-250 Applications
  • Telecommunications & IT
  • Industrial Automation & Process Control
  • Magnets, RF Amplifiers & Beam Steering
  • Heater Supplies
  • Battery, Ultracapacitor & Energy Storage Validation Testing
  • Material Research
  • Electroplating, Sputtering & Coating
  • Electrical Component Validation
  • Burn-in & Lights-out Testing
  • Laser Diode Validation &Testing
  • PV Inverter, Fuel Cell & Renewable Energy
  • Aerospace & Satellite Testing
  • Test & Measurement
  • Water Treatment & Purification
  • Semiconductor Processing
  • Industrial Automation
  • Gas, Chemical, Petroleum & Utility Plants
  • EOL Test, QC and Inspection
  • Defense, Military ATE
  • Automotive Component, ECU & HIL Testing
  • Compliance Testing