Amrel SPS40-250 Switching DC Power Supply

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The Amrel SPS40-250 Switching DC Power Supply is a programmable switch-mode power supply with the power to produce a maximum of 40V of output voltage and 250A of output current, its maximum output power measuring at 3000A. This power source possesses a power density of up to 15kW in a 3U chassis and 30 kW in a 6U chassis. The quick load transient response offers protection for the device from unwanted voltage excursions and a fast slew rate makes for minimal rise/fall times when powering devices for speed-critical applications. Perfect for sensitive applications, the Amrel SPS40-250 Switching DC Power Supply performs effortlessly while sustaining low RMS and P-P Noise. Amrel SPS40-250 models also provide precision accuracy in their voltage and current measurements without an external digital multimeter.