Anritsu 2000-1716-R PIM Master Accessory Kit

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Anritsu 2000-1716-R PIM Master Accessory Kit
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Anritsu 2000-1716-R
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Accessory Kit
PIM Master Accessory Kit with 2.75 m Armored PIM Test Cable and Hard Case
Anritsu 2000-1716-R Accessories
ANR-16DD50-2.75-R 45MHz-3GHz Armored PIM Test Cable, 2.75m, 7/16DIN(m), 50ohm
ANR-2000-1724-R 700MHz-2600MHz 40W CW Low PIM Termination, 7/16DIN(m)-7/16DIN(f), 50ohm
ANR-1091-390-R 20W PIM Standard, -80dBm +-3dB @ 1775MHz, 7/16DIN(m)-7/16DIN(f), 50ohm
ANR-1091-403-R 20W PIM Standard, -80dBm +-3dB @ 910MHz, 7/16DIN(m)-7/16DIN(f),50ohm
ANR-1091-386-R 7/16DIN(f)-N(f) Adapter, 50ohm
ANR-1091-389-R 7/16DIN(f)-N(m) Adapter, 50ohm
ANR-1091-387-R 7/16DIN(f)-7/16DIN(m)Adapter, 50ohm
ANR-1091-388-R 7/16DIN(f)-7/16DIN(f)Adapter, 50ohm
ANR-1091-385-R 7/16DIN(m)-7/16DIN(m)Adapter, 50ohm
ANR-760-260-R Hard Case
ANR-01-510 Crescent Wrench
ANR-01-512-R 1" Torque Wrench
ANR-01-513-R 1 1/4" Torque Wrench
ANR-971-9-R Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes (50 pieces)
ANR-971-10-R Tapered Cotton Swab (100 pieces)
ANR-971-11-R Duster (10oz. spray can) (blow away microscopic contaminants)