Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A PIM Analyzer Series

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The Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A PIM Analyzer Series is a line of 40 W battery-powered passive intermodulation testing devices. Lightweight and with an adjustable output power of either 25 dBm for indoor DAS testing or 46 dBm for macro site testing, the Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A series is an ideal PIM testing device for a myriad of applications. Discover the source of signal interference in all types of antenna systems, including traditional high-power cell antenna sites, remote radio heads / radio units and RF distributed antenna systems, or DAS.

Passive intermodulation, known as PIM, is signal interference generated by contact between passive components like connectors, filters, antennas and cable assemblies. When subjected to high radio frequency power levels, these components produce spurious signals, which the Anritsu MW82119A identifies via injecting twin CW test tones into an antenna feed network and recording magnitude. Measurements recorded include PIM versus Time, Noise Floor, Swept PIM and Distance-to-PIM, giving engineers and technicians a comphrehensive analysis of the interference.

Rent the MW82119A to quickly identify PIM faults and fulfill testing requirements like IEC 62037. The Anritsu PIM Master MW82119A PIM Analyzer Series consists of the following frequency options:

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MW82119A Models Frequency
MW82119a-0700 LTE 700 MHz
MW82119a-0850 Cellular 850 MHz
MW82119a-0190 PCS 1900 MHz
MW82119a-0192 PCS / AWS 1900 / 2100 MHz
MW82119a-0193 PCS / AWS 1900 / 2100 MHz