Aviation ACLB-72 3 Phase, 200 Volt, 400 Hz AC Load Bank - 100kW

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Rent Aviation ACLB-72 100kW, 3 Phase, 200 Volt, 400 Hz AC Load Bank
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Aviation Ground Equipment ACLB-72
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ACLB-72 Datasheet
The Aviation ACLB-72 AC Load Bank, 400 Hz 100 kW is designed to provide a temporary load for field servicing and testing 200 volt 400Hz ground power units. It is air cooled and completely self contained. The load is selectable in 9KW steps from 0-72KW.
Aviation Ground Equipment ACLB-72 Features
  • Eight 3 Phase Balanced Load Steps: 9KW, 18KW, 27KW, 36KW, 42KW, 54KW, 6KW & 72KW
  • Plug test pins for connecting test leads
  • 28V TR to provide voltage for interlock circuit
  • Standard aircraft receptacle
  • Meters: 0-250V voltmeter, 0-250A ammeter, 360-440HZ frequency meter
  • Power indicator lights
  • Phase rotation lights
  • Thermal protection