Eagle Eye LB-100-MV-12.5 Resistive AC Load Bank

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The Particle Measuring Systems Lasair III 110 Aerosol Particle Counter is a laser diode-based true 0.100μm particle counter with 1.00CFM flow rate that doesn't negatively impact your environment. It provides real-time measurement of yield-impacting particles with three configurations to meet your unique application needs. With a comprehensive set of features and unequaled accuracy, the Lasair III 110 Particle Counter offers reduced operating costs and the reliability and longevity to support its three-year laser warranty.

The Lasair III 110 Particle Counter can be used as mobile counter to localize source of particles, and it comes with a full range of accessories for monitoring in different applications, including high-pressure gas. It features a chemical-resistant, stainless-steel casing that is easy to clean/wipe down and is designed to minimize particle traps. Patented Smart Flow technology eliminates traditional undercounting errors in manifold sampling. Optional onboard batteries provide over seven hours of continuous mobile use, so you can run a sample for an entire shift without having to leave the cleanroom.