Simplex DynaMITE Resistive Load Banks 300 kW - 400 kW

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Simplex DynaMITE Resistive Load Banks 300 kW - 400 kW
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Simplex DynaMITE
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DynaMITE Datasheet
The Simplex DynaMITE Resistive Load Banks 300 kW - 400 kW is a large capacity, high performance portable load bank designed to provide the manufacturers, distributors and users of large AC generators and UPS systems with sophisticated testing capability. DynaMITE Load Banks feature digital controllers with network control and data acquisition capability. Operator interface is via touchscreen. Load control is via screen keypad. All electrical values display on the screen and are recorded by the system for future data retrieval. Any number of dynaMITE and Electra Load Banks can be combined for large system capacities and networked for central control and data acquisition.
Simplex DynaMITE Features
  • High capacity, 300-400kw
  • Dual voltage: 208-240/480vAC
  • Digital load control, 5 kw resolution
  • Touchscreen operator interface
  • Data acquisition and recording
  • Network units to form large systems
Simplex DynaMITE Specs
Voltage: Dual Voltage: 240/480V AC, 3-phase Operational at any voltage to 480V AC maximum, single or 3-phase
Frequency: 50, 60 Hertz standard
Connection: 3-wire plus ground
Time Rating: Continuous
Ambient Air Temperature: 120°F max
Fault Rating: 200KAIC
Insulation Rating: 600V, 302°F