Simplex NorthStar AC Digital Load Bank 150 kW, 600 VAC

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Rent Simplex NorthStar Digital Load Bank 150 kW, 600 VAC
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Simplex NorthStar
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NorthStar Datasheet
The Simplex NorthStar AC Digital Load Bank 150 kW, 600 VAC is specifically designed for the Canadian Market by providing 600v capability in an ultra-compact, lightweight, versatile test instrument which can be networked for high aggregate kW. The NorthStar is rated 150kw in steps of 5kw. It is suitable for testing engine generators, wind generators, UPS systems, ground power units, auxiliary power units, static inverters or virtually any other AC power source on the production line, in the service shop or in the field. The NorthStar is a digitally controlled load bank with network capability. All control is via a hand-held touchscreen controller connected to the load bank via a supplied RS-232 network cable.
Simplex NorthStar Features
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Portable, self-contained
  • “Powr-Web” elements
  • Branch circuit fuse protection of load elements
  • Magnetic contactor control of load
  • Digital control with network capability
  • Multiples may be networked together and controlled via one master hand-held controller
  • Instrumentation values for the total network are summed and displayed on the master controller
  • Digital Power Transducer, standard: Volts, Amps, Frequency, KW
  • 150° C XLP insulated power wiring
  • Cam-Lok power connectors
  • Operate fan and control circuits from a common 120V wall outlet, 15’ cord provided
Simplex NorthStar Specs
Capacity: 150KW, 144FLA
Power Factor: 1.0
Load Type: Resistive
Voltage: 600V AC, 3-phase, 60Hz
Frequency: 60 Hz
Duty Cycle: Continuous