Simplex Swift-e AC Portable Load Bank 10 kW - 20 kW

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Rent Simplex Swift-e AC Portable Load Bank 10 kW - 20 kW
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Simplex Swift-e
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Swift-e Datasheet
Quick and easy testing of small generators and AC power sources is possible with the Simplex Swift-e AC Portable Load Bank 10 kW - 20 kW. Portable, fully self-contained, lightweight and hand transportable, the Swift-e can be used to test and maintain small engine generators (residential standby, contractor generators, marine generators, RV generators and small wind turbines) as well as 120/240v panelboards and distribution, inverters, and small UPS.
Simplex Swift-e Features
  • Load elements: Sealed, tubular-type element consisting of nichrome resistance wire sealed within an incolloy sheath (nickel alloy). Electrically dead exterior of element reduces hazard of electric shock and short circuit of elements.
  • Test Instrument: Digital Power Meter (Voltage, Amps, KW).
  • Load control: Panel mounted toggle switches for each load step and master load control. Main contactor for master load control/block loading.
  • Load element circuit protection: Main circuit breaker with overload/short circuit trips.
  • Overtemperature Protection: Sensor to trip main contactor and activate alarm indicator.
  • Overvoltage Protection: Sensor to protect against incorrect connection of load bank (connection of 240V to 120V circuits). Trips main contactor and activates alarm indicator.
  • Connection: Cable set, 10', with ring lug terminations.
  • Enclosure: NEMA type 1, aluminum construction, powder coated nickel-metallic. Includes rubber feet, combination carry handles and cable wrap.