Aviation ACLB-75 Portable Ground Power Load Tester

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Rent Aviation ACLB-75 Portable Ground Power Load Tester
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Aviation Ground Equipment ACLB-75
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ACLB-75 Datasheet
The Aviation ACLB-75 AC Load Bank, 400 Hz 75 kW is designed to provide a temporary load for field servicing and testing 200 volt 400HZ ground power units. It is air cooled and completely self contained. There are four load steps which can be switched under load.
Aviation Ground Equipment ACLB-75 Features
  • Four 3 Phase Balanced Load Steps: 20KW, 40KW, 55KW, and 75KW
  • Plug test pins for connecting test leads
  • 28V TR to provide voltage for interlock circuit
  • Circuit indicator for testing plug interlock circuit
  • Meters: 0-250V voltmeter, 0-250A ammeter, 360-440HZ frequency meter
  • Phase indicator lights
  • Phase rotation lights
  • Thermal protection