BMT USA Climacell EVO 1212 Environmental Chamber

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The BMT USA Climacell EVO 1212 Environmental Chamber is a spacious temperature control unit that offers a vast range of climate settings. The Climacell EVO 1212 reaches temperatures as low as 0°C, maxing out at 100°C and offering incredible accuracy of 1.5° off the desired temperature. The stability chamber also excels with other climate features, like humidity controls that range from 10 to 95% in the unit. Changing these features is also made much easier thanks to an LCD color touch screen with over 100 programs ready for use.

Even beyond the reliable temperature and humidity controls, the BMT USA Climacell EVO 1212 excels with its incredibly spacious interior. The stability chamber provides 43 cubic feet of volume on the inside with its 3 separate chambers that are each over 21 inches wide. The vast interior makes this unit perfect for a range of tests, from plant growth to pharmaceuticals and even food packaging.