Bruel & Kjaer 8210 Impact Hammer

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The Bruel & Kjaer 8210 Impact Hammer is designed to excite and measure impact forces on medium to very large structures. An accelerometer (or laser velocity transducer) is used to measure the response of the structure. By using an FFT analyzer, such as the PULSE system, the frequency response function and mode shapes of the test structure can then be derived.

The Bruel & Kjaer 8210 has built-in electronics in which the sensitivity is expressed in terms of voltage per unit force (mV/N or mV/lbf). This hammer features a BNC connector at the bottom of the shaft. The Bruel & Kjaer 8210 is supplied with four interchangeable impact tips to control the amplitude and decay of the impact and frequency response. The hammer must never be used without an impact tip. The sensor housing is made of stainless steel and is permanently attached to the hammer.