PCB Piezotronics 086D50 Impact Hammer

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The PCB Piezotronics 086D50 Impact Hammer is a large-sledge impulse mallet with force sensor and tips. This hammer can produce up to 5,000 lbf. A rugged force sensor is integrated into the striking surface. This feature provides amplitude and frequency information on the energy stimulus imparted to a test object. Accelerometers may be used with the PCB Piezotronics 086D50 to provide a measurement of the object's structural response to the hammer blow. With data acquisition software, a test engineer can understand the structural behavioral characteristics of the subject.

The PCB Piezotronics 086D50 is best suited for modal analysis, structure health testing, and resonance determination. A mass of 12.1 lb (5.5 kg), hammer length of 35 in (89 cm), and head diameter of 3 in (7.6 cm) make this hammer strong enough to perform various tests while also being lightweight, easy to store, and transport. A BNC Jack connector can attach to the bottom of the handle.