PCB Piezotronics 086C01 Impulse Hammer

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The PCB Piezotronics 086C01 Impulse Hammer is an optimal instrument to gain detailed measurements of the amplitude applied to an object. The 086C01 Impulse Hammer collects this data with a rugged force sensor in the striking surface, sending detailed information to analysis software. The accelerometer uses a sensitivity of 50 mV/lbf to maintain an excellent dynamic range for analysis, but only weighs .23 lb to avoid affecting those measurements.

The PCB Piezotronics 086C01 Impulse Hammer is also built for resonant frequencies greater than 15 kHz, with a measurement range of ±100 lbf pk. Due to the impulse hammer's size and sensitivity, it is best used on small machine parts and electrical equipment like circuit boards and processors.